Flex baby and childeren sunglasses

Sunglasses for babies and children
Sunglasses are actually for year-round use. During spring, summer and autumn, the sun can be quite annoying and harmful. In winter, the sun's power is much lower but, for example, during a skiing holiday in winter high in the mountains, the sun can be very harmful to the eyes.
With the Flex, we offer all-round sunglasses. With UV400 filter and a light transmission in Category 3, these sunglasses not only prevent bright light from being reduced but also filter UVA and UVB radiation that could otherwise cause damage. In addition, baby and children's eyes are less affected by the wind and prevent, for example, sand from getting into the eyes when playing at the beach.

Flex baby and children sunglasses are sturdy and flexible. Both the Flex children's and babies' sunglasses come with a handy strap which you can easily fasten and unfasten. The Flex baby and children sunglasses are all equipped with strong polycarbonate glasses. These blocks 100% of UVA and UVB radiation this is also called UV400. All glasses are CE category 3. This means that the light intensity is reduced by more than 80%. This is necessary in order to be able to see comfortably in sunny weather. Read here more about why sunglasses are important for growing children.