Sport - kids sunglasses - Black Lime

Sport - kids sunglasses - Black Lime Sport - kids sunglasses - Black Lime
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The KOOLSUN SPORT is a sturdy, sporty looking, two-tone pair of sunglasses for your child. The sunglasses are ideal for an active user such as when exercising, on holiday, playing and other activities around and outside the house. The SPORT is a so-called wrap around sunglasses. This means that sunlight is also stopped from the side. Your child's eyes are therefore fully protected in sunny weather. The frames and temples of KOOLSUN SPORT sunglasses are made of the highest quality TPE plastic. These sunglasses are particularly flexible due to the type of plastic and will not break quickly if someone accidentally sits on them. The temples are equipped with a soft and stiff layer of TPE rubber on the inside. This makes the glasses extremely flexible and also ensures that the glasses slip less quickly.

The sunglasses have unbreakable polycarbonate lenses, offer UV-400 protection, is CE-Category 3 and filters UVA and UVB radiation 100%.The sunglasses are ideal for use in summer and winter. The UV filter is in the glasses and not with a layer on them so that your child's eyes are always protected from the UV light. The sunglasses come with a KOOLSUN microfibre pouch.

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Frame: black/lime green
Lenses: green mirror